I do everything from graphic design to illustration to copywriting. I want to make something cool with you.


Busy Philipps’ 40th Birthday PARTY

I designed, illustrated and hand-lettered Busy Philipps’ invites. The art was then transferred to other elements of her party by @amyabbottevents.

Bobby and Josh’s Wedding

Invite design for the wedding of Bobby Finger and Josh Fjelstad. The art was used in the design for the menus and koozies. Photos by Tawni Lee Weddings.


A Bend In The Road is a visual essay I wrote and illustrated about mental health and nature for BuzzFeed’s Mental Health Week.



Backstitch explores the intersection of death, fashion and history using digestible, illustrated “lessons” on Instagram. Topics covered include the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Chinese foot binding, and the controversy over corsets. Several teachers have let me know that they’ve used Backstitch in their classrooms, while many others have told me Backstitch makes history fun.

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Rescue Dogs of Prospect Park

I found out how rewarding it is to be the parent of a rescue dog after adopting one last year. I decided to make a project highlighting rescue dogs, their unique personalities and the organizations that gave them a second chance.


Personal Illustration

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A collection of creative lettering projects.



A selection of copywriting from my work at BuzzFeed:

The Fool is about to embark on their period as they have most likely done for years, but somehow, they are still ignorant about how bad it’s going to be. The Fool thinks they don’t have to keep track of their period or prepare in any way. It’ll come whenever. It’ll be fine! Maybe this month will be lighter than usual! Yeah, okay, Fool, you dumb idiot.
— 10 Custom Tarot Cards For Your Period
The pair that’s falling apart but you still keep in case you run out of every single other pair while putting off doing laundry.

The thong you have from that time you tried wearing a thong.

The super-comfy and soft pair you save for a day when you’re really gonna want some small, special thing to make you feel good.
— 9 Types Of Underwear You Probably Own
Woody from “Toy Story”, But Andy’s Always In The Room: It’s kind of a trade-off: you’ll have to wear a silly costume, but you can literally lie motionless for as long as you decide Andy’s still in the room.
— 13 Halloween Costumes For People Who Are Too Tired To Try
Molly’s huge form bursts like an overfilled balloon, and from the explosion, a Molly doll drops to the floor. It is in pristine condition, though Molly was archived years ago and probably costs a pretty penny on eBay now.
— Can You Pass These Rigorous Tests And Get A Job At The American Girl Store?

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